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House, M.D. Het!
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The Princess And The Peeved, Chapters 1,2,3 
5th-Apr-2010 12:41 am

Hi, folks.  I've been writing a fic that started as crack with a slashy edge, then hurt/comfort , angst and het.

SUMMARY: House finds himself trapped in an 18th century Ruritanian kingdom in full military uniform, without the slightest idea of how he got there.  There he meets both the ruthless Prince Louis and his niece, Princess Johanna...who looks almost exactly like Wilson.  The resulting emotional and sexual confusion mounts as he gets more involved with Johanna.  He also feels a deep sense of loss for everything he has left behind.  All chapters are rated G.

Chapter One
Genre: Pure crack
The scabbard bouncing against his leg was agony.  He felt a chinstrap and a helmet on his head.

Chapter Two
Genre: Pure crack
 "Why do you keep laughing?" asked House
 "Because I'm dancing with the handsomest man at the party, on my birthday!" Johanna-Wilson squealed with girlish laugher.
God, just skullfuck me to death, House prayed.

Chapter Three
Genre: Pure crack
She pulled him through the French doors like a crazed Clysedale.
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